Guests and Topics: April 2

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Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• Jerry Zovko (search), a northeast Ohio Army veteran, was killed during the savage and brutal attacks in Iraq on Wednesday. His brother, Tom Zovko, joins us.

• U.S. businesses add 308,000 jobs in March — Fastest pace in nearly four years — Does it mean job security for President Bush (search)? Bush Campaign Chairman Marc Racicot weighs in.

• Meanwhile — John Kerry's (search ) camp unveils a new ad attacking Bush's economic policies — Might the numbers lie?

Rep. Sander Levin , D-Mich., weighs in for the Kerry campaign.

• After the intense search and discovery of University of Wisconsin student Audrey Seiler (search ) — Police report Audrey's kidnap story was a hoax! What would push a straight A college coed to pull such a prank?

We'll get answers from Dr. Larry Kobilinsky, forensics expert and Rod Wheeler, former DC homicide investigator.

• The judge in the corruption trial of former Tyco International (TYC) executives L. Dennis Kozlowski (search) and Mark Swartz (search) declared a mistrial Friday after 12 days of deliberations, saying he had no choice given outside pressure brought on an apparent holdout juror. Now what?

We'll get expert insight and analysis from:

• Charles Gasparino, "The Wall Street Journal"
• Lis Wiehl, FNC legal analyst
• Robert Shapiro, defense attorney

• A new mission for Lt. Dan? Actor Gary Sinise joins us to explain how he is determined to help the children of Iraq.

All these stories and much more!

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