The Foxlight: 'The Bachelor,' Bobby and Whitney, Kelly Osbourne

The new "Bachelor," the real Bobby and Whitney and the Osbourne doesn't fall far from the tree in today's Foxlight.

Someone yell "touchdown," because apparently he scored. New York Giants backup quarterback Jesse Palmer has chosen someone he calls "the missus" on a new round of ABC's "The Bachelor." (search) They talk every day on the phone, but he won't say if they're engaged. One twist for this go-round plants a mole in with the girls. Do they all dress up as cheerleaders? Sadly, no. The huddle kicks off for "The Bachelor" April 7.

Next, we may think we already know too much about Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston (search), but Bobby wants us to see even more. He's pitching a reality show behind the scenes of their marriage. Will they let film crews into penitentiaries and rehab centers? The whole project is Bobby's idea -- they filmed in an Atlanta restaurant the other night -- but Whitney's spokesperson says the troubled singer supports her husband. No network has nibbled yet, but with these two it can only be a matter of time. Five words of advice -- Liza Minnelli and David Gest.

Finally, rounding out what is becoming a sad family legacy -- reality star Kelly Osbourne (search) was admitted to a rehab center Friday for a reported addiction to painkillers. Sharon Osbourne says a British tabloid had a picture of Kelly buying drugs. A search of her room turned up a bag with 500 pills. She's the Rush Limbaugh of "The Osbournes."