Bringing Home the Bacon

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Bringing Home the Bacon

The advocacy group --Taxpayers for Common Sense (search) -- is outraged over a number of items in the $275 billion transportation bill approved by the House on Friday.

The group says it's shocked – shocked -- to discover pork in the bill: Such as $15 million to build a road to a gold mine in Alaska, and $250,000 for so-called "outdoor facilities" on the Music Heritage Trail in Virginia.

Government Shutdown!

At Occidental College (search) in California they decided things were so bad they had to take action. School officials have shut down the student government and postponed elections until next fall.

One administrator blamed it on a culture of acrimony. And a student official said there was, "a lack of discourse" that had broken down into "just attacking." You can't imagine that happening in a campaign.