Bombs Defused in Afghan Capital

Peacekeepers in the Afghan capital defused two homemade bombs Saturday beside a road where a homicide attacker killed a British soldier earlier this year, the international force said.

Troops from the NATO-led force in Afghanistan closed the busy Jalalabad Road (search) early Saturday afternoon on a tip from a resident, a spokesman for the peacekeepers said.

The bombs were found hidden in two small containers, British Lt. Richard Scarth (search) said.

A disposal team "made them safe and took them away for examination," Scarth said.

While more than 200 people have died in violence across Afghanistan this year, Kabul has been relatively calm since the January killings of two peacekeepers in back-to-back homicide attacks.

The British soldier died Jan. 28 when an explosives-laden taxi detonated next to his jeep on Jalalabad Road.

A suicide bomber killed a Canadian soldier in southern Kabul (search) the day before.

Last month, Kabul police and peacekeepers raided what they said was a bomb-making factory in the city, netting a stash of timers, detonators and enough explosives to make up to 20 charges.

NATO leads more than 6,000 peacekeepers in Afghanistan, all but a few hundred of them in Kabul.