Up Close and Personal

Dear Viewers,

Last week was the "big" media party in Washington, D.C. As you know from prior blogs, I opted to "hold down the fort" and not go this year. I stayed in the bureau and did our live show. But, as luck would have it, I have gotten my hands on some photos that you might like to see. I love that I am now getting others to send me pictures for GretaWire! 

Photo No. 1 is of FNC's Claudia Cowan. As you probably know, Claudia lives in California and has been reporting on the Scott Peterson case for “On the Record” and the rest of the news channel. The other two people in that photo you should also recognize: Ted Williams and Bernie Grimm (most viewers now know simply as "Ted and Bernie.") Both Ted and Bernie were guests of FNC at the dinner. While Claudia, Ted and Bernie have all appeared on our show together maybe 50 times, they had never met in person. They only knew each other via satellite, so it was fun for them to finally meet in person.

Incidentally, without fail, every time I meet someone who I have appeared on TV via satellite with many times but never met in person, I am told by that person, "You are so short." I guess I look much taller that I really am on TV. When I met Barbara Walters for the first time, she told me that I am "so short." I politely nodded yes, but I was a bit amused – after all, I am a bit  taller than she is!

Photo No. 2 is also Claudia Cowan with another FNC guest: Donald Trump (search). I’ve heard that he was mobbed at the dinner with people wanting to meet him.


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