The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Hellboy," "Walking Tall" and "Home on the Range" hit theaters in today's Foxlight.

Ron Perlman let his imagination run away with him in the four hours he spent in the makeup chair every day being turned into "Hellboy." (search) He made believe he was "a Samurai being adorned to go do battle."

As for the action scenes, Perlman says he handled them pretty well for someone who turns 54 later this month. But he says he'll probably be chasing bad guys with a walker if he does many sequels. Sequels look iffy, according to reviewers like the New York Post, who said it is basically an "occult version of X-Men." Sorry, Ron.

USA Today says the loose remake of "Walking Tall" (search) comes up short and calls it "a new and smaller version as The Rock gives heads a roll whenever the chunk of wood he swings hits the sweet spot of nose cartilage. If nothing else, this Rock-y remake is a table-setter for baseball season."

Speaking of coming up short, a colleague of mine tried an interesting experiment. He timed the movie from the moment the opening credits stop to the time the closing credits begin and guess what -- it's 72 minutes long. That's an uncut "Law & Order" episode.

Finally, Lou Lumenick at the New York Post points out that Disney's "Home on the Range" (search) is Hollywood's last major traditionally animated movie -- there are no more on the drawing boards -- so it's doubly disappointing that this musical about singing cows is so udderly mediocre. Roseanne gives it her best. Will kids care? Probably not. So get ready to bust a "moo."