The Fallujah Four and A Million Thanks

Friday on "DaySide" I told you about the four civilian contractors who were so viciously killed in Fallujah earlier this week -- one has yet to be publicly identified, but the other three were truly extraordinary. All former Special Ops. And deeply patriotic. It just grieves me so much that these folks were just trying to make sure that a food delivery could get through -- that was their "crime"!

If you missed the contact information on the memorial fund for the Fallujah Four, here it is again:

Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 159
Moyock, NC 27958
Checks should be made payable to "Memorial Fund"

And about that high school girl. It is just GREAT that she's collecting letters of thanks to send to servicemen and women in Iraq. Her campaign is called "A Million Thanks", and she needs your help in collecting a million letters. Here's her contact information:

A Million Thanks
Lutheran High School
2222 North Santiago Blvd.
Orange, CA 92867

One other thing: Another star of "The Sopranos" will be on “DaySide” on Monday. No, I'm not going to tell you who! Why spoil the surprise?

Also, please read Thursday's Web blog. Have a great weekend.


Thursday, April 1: I Need Your Help

I'm working on a project that would show more of the positive things going on in Iraq, to counteract some of the negative garbage that other news outlets seem to focus on. This is an idea from actor Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan in "Forrest Gump"), who is very active in the USO and frequently visits our soldiers in Iraq. Gary and I have been emailing each other about this, and now I'm bringing it to you.

What I'd like to do is create a regular feature on "DaySide," showing the positive accomplishments of our soldiers in Iraq. Here's where YOU come in: I know many of you watch the show and read this blog are either in the military or have family members who serve. If you are serving in Iraq and are reading this, please email me and tell me things you and/or others in your unit have done. If you're not in the military but you know someone serving in Iraq who has told you of an accomplishment, send that to me too.

So many good things are being done but the story is not being told. Let's change that. Pass it on. The sooner you e-mail me success stories, the sooner I can put them on the air!

At the same time, let me make it clear that I'm no shill for the U.S. Government or the White House. This is NOT about them. This is about us regular folks -- our brothers and sisters in the military who are risking their necks in Iraq to bring peace and freedom to the Middle East. And it's about letting Americans see a more accurate picture of what's really happening in Iraq.

Write to me at this address:

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday, March 31: Michael Jackson Schmoozing Capitol Hill

Let's be clear: I do not pretend to know whether Michael Jackson is guilty or innocent of child molestation. I am merely raising questions about his appearance this week on Capitol Hill.

Wednesday, he met behind closed doors with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee; several other members of the Congressional Black Caucus refused to meet with Jackson. Their aides gave no official reason why, other than to say that the lawmakers would far rather be seen doing important legislative work instead. (We've invited Rep. Jackson-Lee on our show Thursday)

Also, there is a hastily arranged dinner for Jackson in D.C. Wednesday night. BET was said to be behind it and they now are denying it.

Thursday night, Jackson is set to receive an award for his charity work from an association of African ambassador's wives. But who do you suppose is coordinating the media coverage of that event? None other than Jackson's own PR flak, Raymone Bain. Let me tell you as a seasoned reporter, this is highly unusual. Not to mention the fact that all of Michael Jackson's charities are defunct and have not given a dime to the needy in years. Hmm.


Tuesday, March 30: Actor Gary Sinise and Operation Iraqi Children

I promised Gary I'd share with you the Web site for this wonderful program, of which he is co-founder. So here it is:

Check it out -- maybe your school (or your child's school) would be interested in becoming part of this. Many of the supplies that American schools have are in desperately short supply over in Iraq. Pencils, erasers, drawing paper, crayons, folders, grade books -- couldn't we spare a little bit of these to send over to Iraqi children?

When Gary (famous as Lt. Dan in the hit movie "Forrest Gump") was on “DaySide” Tuesday, he made a good point: Whether or not you think it was wise for America to go to war in Iraq, the fact is, we're there. And we can't afford to let this fledgling democracy fail. Helping the Iraqi children get an education can help -- the more they can learn, the more hope they have for a better future. And the more hope they have, the less vulnerable they are to the murderous, anti-American propaganda that Al Qaeda is trying to peddle over there.

Just a thought.

P.S. – Wednesday we'll have the former Wichita police chief who handled the BTK Strangler case in the 1970s and 80s. Did you know there were victims of his attacks that survived? At least one got a really good look at BTK. Also, we've had DNA testing for several years now in law enforcement; how come police haven't run DNA tests on all the old BTK evidence before now? It seems surprising that it would take a taunting letter from him to make police go back to the evidence locker.

See you tomorrow.