Report: USS Cole, French Ship Bombings Suspects to Be Tried This Month

Eleven terror suspects involved in the bombings of the USS Cole (search) and the French oil tanker Limburg (search) will stand trial this month, a weekly newspaper close to Yemen's Defense Ministry reported Thursday.

In addition to the six militants suspected in the 2000 USS Cole bombing and five in the 2002 Limburg attack, 30 others suspected in different terror and sabotage attacks in Yemen will be tried, the September 26 paper said.

The paper did not give dates for the trials.

Yemeni officials declined to comment on the report, but the newspaper is seen as a mouthpiece for the Defense Ministry and has government connections. Its editor-in-chief is a presidential adviser and its managing editor is secretary of the president's press office.

Seventeen American sailors were killed when the USS Cole was bombed in October 2000 as it refueled in the southern port city of Aden (search). Two homicide bombers piloted a small boat laden with explosives alongside the destroyer and detonated it.

The bombing was blamed on the Al Qaeda (search) terror network.

In 2002, one Bulgarian crewman was killed in a homicide attack by a small boat on the Limburg while it was sailing off the Yemeni coast, spilling 90,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Aden.