New Chief Inspector Pursues Iraq WMD Leads

U.S. inspectors continue to pursue leads about concealed caches of weapons in Iraq, leads that the new head of the Iraq Survey Group (search) says are "intriguing and credible."

Chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer (search) told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that his team is finding more evidence of Iraq's interest in weapons of mass destruction (search) before the war.

Duelfer's report said that only a "tiny fraction" of the millions of Iraq documents obtained have been translated and "new information" shows Saddam Hussein's (search) dual-use industries were able to produce biological and chemical weapons on "short notice."

Duelfer's latest report earned a dismissive nod from his predecessor, David Kay (search), who left the job in January and suggested that the United States knew all it needed to know about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Lawmakers briefed by Duelfer say the likelihood of discovering weapons in Iraq diminishes daily, but add that the latest report raises a bit more uncertainty. Others say Duelfer is trying to make a stronger case for weapons in public than he does in private.

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