The Foxlight: Trump, Elaine's, 'American Idol'

Trump clowns around, "Everyone Comes to Elaine's" and it's down to nine on "American Idol" in today's Foxlight.

Donald Trump (search) says he's always felt funny -- a little bit like a comedian. He'll need those skills this Saturday night because he's hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Will his financial woes become some of the punch-lines? And what about the "Apprentice" gags? Trump working for Omarosa? Oh, and speaking of "The Apprentice," Trump says he thought the salary was a little low, but NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker is a tough negotiator. Tougher than you, Trump? You're fired!

Next, Joan Rivers turned up at the world-renowned eatery Elaine's (search) Wednesday night to celebrate the new book about the joint called "Everyone Comes to Elaine's." She says the place feels like home. But at home would she almost step on Dr. Ruth Westheimer?

Now no one can say "if these walls could talk," because they have. The book is a great "lite fare" on practically every celebrity, writer or sports figure that ever lived.

Finally, America still hasn't given the boot to that 16-year-old one-note John Stevens on "American Idol," (search) but I have a new nickname for the Conan O'Brien lookalike: "Clone-an."