Duty Calls

Dear Viewers,

For reasons far above my training, our show uses two control rooms at night -- one in NY and the other in D.C.

The reason may be obvious to others, but not to me and I have shown little aptitude for understanding despite some efforts in the past to explain it to me. But, in my commitment to give you 'behind the scenes' of our show, photo No. 1 is a picture of our D.C. control room.

Of course this picture only captures part of the control room. Incidentally, there is a sign on the door on the backside of the control room which reads "this is not a hall," or something like that. The point of the sign is so that there is not foot traffic through the control room. The control room is a very busy and important place and the last thing that is needed is people getting in the way.

Because my office is on the other side of the control room, when I get in a time crunch to get to the set, I irreverently -- but quickly -- cut through the control room and usually announce as I walk through "management has assigned me to see if there is any unauthorized foot traffic through here..." The control room staff, a bit annoyed at my traffic, and my stupid joke, politely laughs.

Wednesday, I helped Shep Smith with his live coverage of the unfolding events in Madison (search), Wisconsin with the missing -- now discovered -- coed. How did that happen that I participated? Mid-afternoon I was sitting in my office preparing for "On the Record" when I got a call that I was needed. I was certainly not "camera ready" since it was hours before our show, and of course what we wanted to show was the continuing manhunt and not me, so I just did it by phone at my desk. I figured it would be a "quick hit" (two minutes?) but it turned into two hours.

I know Madison because I went to the University of Wisconsin undergrad. If you are familiar with Madison, Wisconsin, you could easily tell my age. The search was done adjacent to the Coliseum which I often referred to as the Dane County Coliseum. It now has some corporate name that I coud not remember. (Don't get me started on this new business of naming athletic facilities with corporate names.)


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