Topics and Guests for March 31

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Wednesday, March 31:

Iraqi terrorists in Fallujah ambush coalition workers, slaughtering them like sheep and dragging their bodies through the streets and committing unspeakable acts of savagery
• Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, author of "Beyond Baghdad"
Rob Holmes, former Gulf War platoon leader

We're proud to be Americans, but how many times have foreign friends made condescending comments about the U.S.? It happened to an 8th grader who holds dual citizenship...
Laura Elfman, student

The Supreme Court makes it easier for border guards to check cars and trucks for possible smuggling
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

It sounds like an April Fools' prank. Someone claiming to be a police officer calls a fast food joing and tells the manager to strip search an employee suspected of a crime... how does this hoax actually work?
Laurie Roberts, "Arizona Republic" columnist

With the government cracking down on indecency on the airwaves, are shock jocks and entertainers like Howard Stern out of business?
• FCC Commissioner Michael Copps

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