Lessons From the New Normal

It was morning and I was in the Exchange Place station for the Path train (search) line, which runs from New Jersey under the Hudson River (search) and through the now hollowed out pit of the former World Trade Center.

A guy was wandering with a video camera and taking pictures of the escalator — the architectural structures of the station.

This alarmed a few people in the station. One woman ran to find a cop... “What's this guy doing taking pictures?”

The train arrived and I followed the guy onto the train, and we rode to the World Trade station.

When we got off the train, he avoided the crowd and wandered off with his camera to look at the great hole in the ground that used to be the Twin Towers.

I saw two cops looking around the station and I said, “Hey, if you're looking for the guy with the camera, he's over there.”

So they went to talk to him about why he's taking videos of the train station.

I should say, this guy was not the tourist from Wisconsin. He was a Pakistani or a Saudi or an Egyptian... or something, and that was definitely a part of the reason why he was suspicious, so he probably thinks he was being picked on.

But the people who were alarmed about that man — including me — ride that train every day and we wanted to know — why he had his camera out and why he was taking pictures.

Here's the lesson. Take your video camera out under ground, and you might get to speak to a cop.

Yes, I know. It may be harsh, but we have new rules around here.

That's My Word.

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