The Foxlight: Michael Jackson, Jason Patric

Michael Jackson gets dissed in two cities and Jason Patric battles the law in today's Foxlight.

Michael Jackson (search) may have wanted to play politics while in the nation's capital, but the legislative group he wanted to meet with decided to play hardball instead. During his visit to Washington, Jackson had hoped to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, but the 38 members of that group turned him down. For the record, they said they were too busy dealing with legislative issues affecting black Americans. But privately, some caucus members said there was no political advantage to meet with Jackson, who faces child molestation charges in California. The members -- speaking on condition that they not be identified -- note that Jackson has never donated any money to any of their causes and had never asked to speak with them before now.

Meanwhile, Quincy Jones (search) is putting together a big concert in Rome for world children, but Michael won't be back on that block for the Q either, despite alleged pleas from Jackson to Jones.

Finally, I guess Jason Patric (search) is trying to forget "The Alamo." That alleged drunken run-in with the town sheriff in Austin, Texas, is turning into a he-said-they-said, with Patric's people claiming a dose of police brutality. Patric would know all about that from his terrific turn in "Narc" a few years back. Rent it and then think about this guy going up against the real cops.