DeLay's Leadership Post in Jeopardy

An investigation into House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's (search) role in the 2002 Texas state elections may force him to step down from his leadership post.

A grand jury in Texas is looking into election spending and whether corporate donations to DeLay's political action committee ultimately went to Republican candidates in the 2002 election to the Texas state Legislature. If it did, that would violate Texas campaign spending laws.  

Under Republican Conference (search) rules, the majority leader would be required to step down if he is indicted.

Commenting on the investigation, DeLay told Fox News that the investigation "is just politics."

Austin District Attorney Ronnie Earle (search), a fierce partisan Democrat with political ambitions, is currently investigating two PACs; one was DeLay's brainchild and he continues to sit on the advisory board.

Congressional Republicans are worried because Texas grand juries usually rubber stamp any indictment the district attorney puts before them.

"You can indict a ham sandwich if you've got a good enough DA," said Rep. John Carter (search), R-Texas, a former judge. 

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