California Cities Ban Smoking at the Beach

It's illegal in the office, in bars and restaurants and in many public parks. And now, smoking is being outlawed at the beach in several California cities.

Santa Monica (search), San Clemente and Solana Beach have banned lighting up on the sand. Advocates cite health hazards and problems with litter as the main reasons behind the ban. But opponents say smokers are being unfairly targeted.

Still, five more seaside cities are set to adopt similar restrictions because they don't want to be inundated by smokers — and their butts.

"The smokers still have opportunities to smoke," said Glenn Maddalon of the American Lung Association (search). "This is a public area that we're trying to protect for the public and protect against the harmful effects of secondhand smoke."

Smoker John Dopilka said he understands the aversion non-smokers have to cigarettes, but feels like smokers are being slowly stamped out. 

"They're picking on the smokers and I understand that, and I'm a smoker. I don't like to mess with other people and blow smoke at them and all that," he said. "But also at the same time you have to let us have a place. We're outside, where else are you going to go?"

If they get caught lighting up, smokers could be fined $250. But some smokers say there's an easy solution: creating 'smoking beaches' along the lines of nude beaches and dog-friendly beaches.

Click here to watch a report by Fox News Channel's William La Jeunesse.