The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Something's Gotta Give," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "House of Sand and Fog" are out on DVD in today's Foxlight.

I said men everywhere would fall in love with Diane Keaton all over again after seeing "Something's Gotta Give." (search) New on DVD, you can see if you agree. She blows her co-star off the screen in a few scenes and that's no small feat when the guy opposite you is Jack Nicholson. Keanu Reeves is even acting in this thing and it's pretty good. The wonders never cease in a film that deserved all the praise it got -- and then some.

Next a facelift for Leatherface proved a box-office surprise last year -- now the new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (search) is out and we can freeze frame guts flying off the saw. Hmmmm. And there's Jessica Biel. Atlanta Journal Constitution says there's nothing new but it's very watchable. But Roger Ebert gives it a severed thumb down. "Vile, ugly and brutal," according to him. Isn't that the idea?

Finally, the Oscar nominations for "House of Sand and Fog" (search) didn't bring home any winners, but critics and audiences on give it a solid "B." This house gets a little far-fetched and it's completely downbeat, but with Sir Ben Kingsley, Jennifer Connelly and Iranian newcomer Shohreh Aghdashloo chewing up the scenery, this is like a two-hour acting lesson.