What's in a Name?

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

What's in a Name?

There was plenty of media chatter this week when Fox News Correspondent Jim Angle uncovered remarks Richard Clarke (search) made to reporters in a briefing two years ago, that appear to contradict charges he makes in his new book about President Bush and 9/11.

The controversy was that Angle asked White House officials to put the background briefing, in which the official was unnamed, on the record. And they did. 

Well it now turns out that Clarke's identity was no big secret anyway.

During the briefing, attended by reporters from all five television networks, a spokesman said it was okay to identify Clarke as, "a counter-terrorism official who worked in the Clinton and Bush administrations." That limits who it could be to only one or two people.

Don't Tread on Me

Campaign paraphernalia is in the news. Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe's new office sports a doormat with a picture that looks like George W. Bush. The caption says, "Give Bush the Boot."

Not to be outdone, a group called Right Stuff Comedy has come out with a new brand of summer footwear: John Kerry flip flops. Each one has a "before and after" for Kerry on a number of issues.