Rumors Swirl About 'Apprentice' Winner

Why is "The View" (search) co-host Star Jones (search) saying she already knows the winner of "The Apprentice"?

"I don't even know who it is myself," the show's star, Donald Trump (search), told The New York Post. "Nobody's been picked. Whatever you've heard, it's all incorrect information."

Still, Jones claimed to be so sure she had inside info on the winner -- but wouldn't say who it is -- that she wrote the name on a slip of paper, sealed it in an envelope and gave it to "View" producer Bill Getty.

Getty has promised to hold the envelope in safekeeping until after "The Apprentice" (search) finale.

When queried by The Post how Jones got her information, she did not return calls.

And Jones is not the only one claiming to know the outcome of the surprise hit series, which ends with a two-hour live episode April 15.

One of the show's contestants, Katrina Campins (search), who Trump fired on last week's episode, has also told people she knows the inside skinny.

After several drinks at a recent party Campins, 24, claimed that Kwame Jackson (search), the Ivy League investment banker who lives in New York, wins the show, according to an item on The Post's Page Six last week.

Privately, people involved with the show say that they are upset at those who claim to know the ending. Such supposedly unfounded gossip could damage the show's credibility.

Trump says the gossip is just another measure of how successful the show has become. But, he insists, they can't possibly know the final outcome.

Granted, some elements of the finale were filmed last fall when the rest of the show was taped.

But the big finish will be a live telecast from studio 8H in Rockefeller Center, where "Saturday Night Live" originates.

At the end of the show, Trump will announce the winner with a new turn of phrase: "You're hired."