Miami Police Accused of Profiling Rap Artists

Biggie Smalls (search), Tupac Shakur and Jam Master Jay (search ) were all rap artists caught and killed in fierce rivalries that caught police off-guard.

Now, accusations that Miami and Miami Beach police are gathering “intelligence” on some high-profile black rappers has enraged some in the hip-hop community.

Miami’s top cop denies the claims. Police Chief John Timoney (search ) said that last May, some of his officers attended a seminar put on by the New York Police Department dealing with the growing hip-hop phenomenon, culture and alleged criminal element.

Miami police received a binder filled with more than 60 mug shots of certain artists and their entourages, along with page after page of arrests or convictions for illegal drug possession, rape, robbery and murder, among other charges.

Critics acknowledge some rappers have criminal histories, but say a police book filled with photos of only young black men smells like profiling. But others say they’ve seen the binder and see no evidence of authorities targeting people based on race.

Click here to watch a report by Fox News Channel's Orlando Salinas.