The Foxlight: Trump, Tom, Moore, Martha

"The Apprentice," Tom and Nicole, no Moore plastic surgery and the next Martha in today's Foxlight.

Forget Amy and Nick -- the hot "Apprentice" (search) controversy is over this banner hanging from Trump Tower in New York City. Trouble is, the city says he doesn't have permission to hand the "You're Fired" banned and is threatening to fine him up to $10,000. That's walking-around money for the Donald.

Don't believe reports that Tom Cruise (search) and Nicole Kidman might get back together. Tabloids say that's why Tom is hanging around New York now that he's split from Penelope Cruz. If I didn't buy that they were together in the first place, why would I start now?

Julianne Moore (search) says plastic surgery is insane. She says if she looked the way she did at 22 it wouldn't match where her life is right now. Of course it doesn't hurt that she looks just like Julianne Moore.

Finally, with Martha Stewart (search) headed to a new kind of big house, CBS wants to know -- who will replace her? Twelve people will compete in a Connecticut-style farmhouse to determine the new Domestic Idol (it's not called that). The undirty dozen will test their skills at party planning, decorating and cooking. And the winner? No top prize has been determined, but you know they'll design their own trophy from a tortoise shell, pine needles and a pomegranate.