Former NBA Star Charged With Sexual Abuse

Hall of Fame guard Calvin Murphy (searchsurrendered to authorities Monday after being charged with sexually abusing his daughters more than a decade ago.

The former Houston Rockets (searchstar was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and three counts of indecency with a child.

The charges involve five daughters who were under 17, the Harris County district clerk's office said. The daughters said Murphy sexually abused them between 1988-91, according to an affidavit by Drew Carter of the Texas Rangers (search).

The 55-year-old Murphy was released from jail after posting a $90,000 bond. Murphy had no comment.

Murphy's attorney, Rusty Hardin, said his client insists the charges are "absolutely not true."

"We believe (the alleged incidents of abuse) did not happen and Calvin is absolutely insistent they did not happen," Hardin said. "Once these allegations are made, no one ever fully recovers. No matter what a jury says, he will always be branded with this."

Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal said his office has notified other jurisdictions about the charges. "He has a number of families around the country, according to our research,"

Murphy, a TV analyst for the Rockets, was a star guard for the franchise from 1970-83. The 5-foot-9 player averaged 17.9 points and shot 89.2 percent from the line during his NBA career. He averaged 33.1 points in college at Niagara.

The Rockets granted Murphy a leave of absence from his broadcasting duties.