Ex-Reality Contestant's Column May Not 'Survive'

Too much information.

That's why CBS is forcing "Survivor: Thailand" contestant Helen Glover (search) to stop publishing her revealing column in a Rhode Island newspaper last week.

The former reality contestant has been dishing dirt on what happens behind the scenes on the mother of all reality shows.

"When you are voted off, you go to a base camp, of sorts, behind the scenes and far away from the game," she wrote last week.  "There is no TV, or telephones. No Internet. There is a VCR and a DVD player, but not much else . . .

"As each person is voted off, they receive a meal, shower, room and a visit from the staff psychiatrist. They come to check on you, making sure you are all right.

"Some people leave the game angry, or depressed. Others leave ill, while still others leave with a sense of relief.

"The psychiatrist continues to call on you even after you return home, as many people have trouble adjusting to the normal routine of life again.

"I remember the doctor calling me several times just to 'check up' and see how I was."

Glover's behind-the-scenes column in the Providence Journal has been running since "Survivor: All-Star" (search) began on Feb. 1. But lawyers for CBS warned her last week that she was violating a gag order she'd signed in 2002 and could be sued if she did not let them see the column before it was published.