How Long Will It Take to Win the War on Terror?

Ever catch yourself wondering that? Will it still be going on when your children are grown up? What about your children's children? Who else are we going to have to go after?

On Monday I plan to have a couple guests who lay out the blueprint for winning the war on terror: They lay it all out in a new book called "Endgame", which arrives in bookstores early next month.

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Paul Vallely (search) and retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney (search) are the authors -- you probably saw them on Fox News a lot during the Iraq war. The blueprint they outline in this book is provocative.

If you have any questions, or comments about this, e-mail me at before Monday morning and I'll try to include your e-mails on the air.



Thursday, March 25: About My Dinner Dates Last Night...

If you saw the show Thursday, you know I was in D.C. last night for a big, glam dinner that the president attended. It's the annual Correspondents' Dinner and it's customary to take some powerful government official as your "date”. I chose to take two dates -- two soldiers wounded in Iraq.

Needless to say, they were wonderful to be with. But I couldn't help feeling sad as I left them last night -- because both are short on money, while they are stuck in the hospital for the next several months recovering from horrendous injuries. One soldier's parents can't even afford to go visit her in the hospital.

So Friday I'm having a special guest on “DaySide,” who's involved in a special program for needy families of wounded soldiers.

Please watch tomorrow and remember the soldiers who have given life and limb for the cause of peace and security.


Wednesday, March 24: The 9/11 Hearings and Partisan Politics

Richard Clarke (search) walked into that hearing room today and threw a (verbal) grenade at the White House.

I'm still trying to figure out what makes this guy tick. He's obviously very intelligent -- so why is he making statements before the Commission that differ so greatly from what he said to Congress previously in secret testimony? If he saw a Bush administration so willfully negligent in the war on terror, why didn't he sound the alarm back then?

I want to believe friends who know Clarke and who say he has valuable insight to pass on. But I'm troubled by the melodrama and hubris I saw from him at the hearing. It makes him less credible.

On another matter – tonight, I get to dress up for a glittery dinner in Washington, the RTCA Dinner. All sorts of bigwigs will be there and the president will give the keynote. But the best part is who I'm taking as my "dates": two wounded American soldiers. They're being allowed out of the hospital for the night and I'm very proud to have them as my guests.

I'll take pictures and show them to you tomorrow.

See you then!

Monday, March 22: Bigwigs Testify at the 9/11 Commission

Secretaries Rumsfeld and Powell are about to speak before the Sept. 11 Commission, as is former White House terror chief Richard Clarke. Mr. Clarke is all over the airwaves hawking his new book; he claims that President Bush pointedly ignored Al Qaeda threats and that he is the main reason 9/11 happened.

Clarke deserves to be heard, in the interest of fair and balanced coverage. Bush had been President for nearly nine months and the attacks happened on his watch. Mr. Clarke has years of service under his belt, having worked for Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton before GWB.

But Clarke also must be asked this question: When the World Trade Center was attacked in 1993 and the U.S. embassies were attacked in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, then the USS Cole was attacked in 2000, why did the Clinton Administration not act forcefully against Al Qaeda? How much more evidence did they need to see that Al Qaeda was hell-bent on more and more dramatic attacks on Americans?