Transcript: Gary Nolan on Why Americans Should Vote Libertarian

This is a partial transcript of The Big Story With John Gibson, March 24, 2004, that has been edited for clarity.


GARY NOLAN (L) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Third-party presidents have happened in this country before. Abraham Lincoln was a third party. There were the Wigs, the Democrats and the Republicans. So it can happen.


DAVID ASMAN, GUEST HOST: It can happen. That was presidential candidate Gary Nolan (search), another third party candidate. Nolan is with the Libertarian Party (search). Of course, he set his sights on the Oval Office. And he joins us now with today's big question — why should people vote Libertarian, Gary?

GARY NOLAN (L) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: David, you should only vote Libertarian if you want a really strong economy for the middle class and the poor, job opportunities, if you want a clean environment, if you want national defense and affordable health care.

ASMAN: But Gary, so far, you have said nothing that the other two candidates are not saying.

NOLAN: That's right. They're all saying it, but only the Libertarian party can deliver.

ASMAN: What do you deliver that the other parties don't? Let's put it that way.

NOLAN: How about really reducing the size of the federal government? I'm not talking Washington speak. I'm talking really reducing the size of the federal government. If we do that, David, and we get rid of this cumbersome and burdensome income tax, imagine what happens to the economy and to the middle class?

ASMAN: Let me just stop you right there. You are here to say that the first thing you do as president is eliminate the IRS (search)?

NOLAN: No. I didn't say that, David, what I said is we have to reduce the size of the federal government and reduce spending and get rid of the IRS

ASMAN: So you would eliminate the IRS?

NOLAN: Eventually, yes, absolutely.

ASMAN: You wouldn't put the cart before the horse then? You would slowly lower the cost of government and then eventually get rid of it?

NOLAN: As quickly as we could, yes. If you look at what happened when we had a Democrat in the White House and a Republican legislature, David, we were in gridlock. And the rate of growth for the federal government was 2.5 percent to 3 percent. Now the Republicans have the House, the Senate and the White House. The rate of growth is 7 to 10 percent and that doesn't include defense. If you are an advocate of small government and you vote for George Bush, you are advocating big spending. You want to send them a message you can't vote for John Kerry. But if you vote for me, one of two things will happen, either I will get the momentum to win or I will tip us back into gridlock.

ASMAN: Well, you are absolutely right, the president's spending has been indefensible in terms of his domestic spending, let alone from the 9/11 stuff that was thrown in. But the big question is how you are going to do it? You have a lot of people in Congress who are going to fight you tooth and nail.

NOLAN: Just think of me, David, as your designated driver in a room full of drunks. It requires leadership. It is something that is sadly lacking in Washington.

ASMAN: And from whom — final question, we only have 10 seconds — from whom do you think you would draw your votes? If people do vote for you, are they going to be Democrats or Republicans?

NOLAN: I suspect we are going to draw from both sides, probably more from Republicans, but that's all right because we can tip them back into gridlock. For more information, they can go to

ASMAN: All right, Gary Nolan, the Libertarian candidate. Gary, good luck. Thanks for coming in. Appreciate it.

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