The Foxlight: Simon, Ray Charles, Robert DeNiro

Simon denies the bird, Ray Charles served over Frappuccinos and DeNiro wooed Whitney in today's Foxlight.

Relax, conspiracy theorists, Simon Cowell (search) did not give anyone the finger. He supposedly flipped off either Paula or one of the contestants Tuesday night, but Cowell says c'mon, he was just resting his chin on his finger and that he does that all the time. Simon is snarky enough to give someone the finger but not stupid enough. America would vote him off pronto and that's too big a paycheck to lose.

Speaking of singers, Ray Charles (search) just landed the ultimate coffeehouse gig. The legendary pop, country, jazz and blues singer's next album — a collection of duets with the likes of Elton John, Norah Jones and B.B. King — is coming to a Starbucks near you. Will they overcharge for that too?

Finally, a new book says Robert DeNiro (search) had a huge crush on a young black singer half his age. He sent her flowers, diamond earrings, even something that admitted she was a little young for him ... a teddy bear. The singer? She was then living at home and her parents told her not to get involved with him. Her name is Whitney Houston. Now you know.