Police: C-Section Mom Threatened Doctors

A woman who repeatedly ignored doctors' advice to undergo a Caesarean section (searchto save her babies threatened hospital employees and warned she would "cut the throat" of one worker if forced to have the procedure, police records show.

Melissa Ann Rowland (search), 28, has been charged with murder for repeatedly avoiding the surgery. She eventually gave birth by C-section, but one of her twins was stillborn.

In the days before giving birth, Rowland threatened to cut the throat of a hospital employee, threw a telephone at another, and threatened to bring a gun to a hospital as she went from one hospital to another before finally agreeing to the C-section in January, the records show.

The police documents were first reported Wednesday by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Rowland's attorney, Michael Sikora, did not return a phone call seeking comment. He has previously declined to discuss the case with the media, but has said Rowland — who has denied the murder charge — suffers from mental illness.

On Jan. 8, one hospital called police claiming that Rowland called them threatening to show up with a gun.

The same day, police received a call from another hospital where a doctor had told Rowland she needed an emergency C-section.

The report states Rowland became "very angry and threw a telephone at one of the employees." She called the hospital three times that day, allegedly threatening to "cut the throat" of an employee.

On Jan. 13, Rowland went to a third hospital where she eventually consented to surgery. The surviving baby, who has been adopted, required oxygen, antibiotics and was later found to have cocaine (search) and alcohol in her system, prosecutors said.

Rowland has been charged with one felony count of murder for acting with "depraved indifference to human life."