The Foxlight: Britney; Ryan Seacrest; Regis; The Donald

Colin nurses Britney's wounds, Janice rouses Ryan and Regis advises The Donald in today's Foxlight.

Britney Spears (search) may have a wounded knee, but she's not alone in bed, according to one New York gossip column. The bruised pop tart is reportedly back together with Irish imp Colin Farrell. Apparently, despite a big age difference, he finds her magically delicious. It's confirmed by US Weekly that claims the pair is holed up in The Beverly Hills Hotel. Careful Britney -- he gets young women pregnant and then moves on.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson (search) proved a little too much for one new afternoon talk-show host. On to promote the finale of "America's Next Supermodel," she jumped into the host's lap and made suggestive comments about what might be happening in said lap. The FCC-shy host? Ryan Seacrest (search), on his new afternoon clone of "TRL."A flustered Ryan ordered the old gal off the set during a commercial break, according to the New York Post. Ryan, loosen up, and wear a cup.

Finally, The Donald co-hosted with Regis Philbin (search) Wednesday and proved we all miss Kelly. The one great piece of advice Regis gave Trump was about his hair. Not to change a strand. But instead, the next time someone makes a joke about it, Trump should reach across the table and slap the guy. If he does that, hopefully the Foxlight cameras will be around.