Double Trouble at 30,000 Feet

A lack of brotherly love proved pretty inconvenient for passengers on a JetBlue flight this past Sunday, reports the New York Post.

Flight 385, en route to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., from New York, was forced to make an emergency landing in Wilmington, N.C., after an argument between twin brothers turned into a fistfight.

The dispute was over a shared armrest.

A flight attendant offered to seat the battling brothers apart, but they just cursed at her and kept brawling.

When the flight landed at Wilmington International Airport (search) and the tussling twins were taken into custody, the rest of the passengers cheered.

"Other passengers could have been hurt," said a Wilmington airport spokesman, "and the airline would have been liable."

The brothers, whose names and age were not released, were questioned and let go by the FBI, said JetBlue.

The pair rented a car to finish the trip to Florida. No word on whether they drew an invisible "do-not-cross" line across the front seat.

It's Elementary, My Dear Watson

Police in England are on the hunt for a car-stealing Sherlock Holmes look-alike, reports the London Sun.

The crafty criminal put on a deerstalker hat, made famous by Arthur Conan-Doyle's fictional detective, and walked into an auto dealership in Coulsdon, Surrey, south of London.

He said he was buying a fleet of cars for Scotland Yard (search) and MI5 (search), Britain's equivalents of the FBI and CIA, and wanted to take a $30,000 Toyota Previa for a test drive.

When the phony detective pulled up in front of a police station, he asked the salesman sitting in the passenger seat to run in and get a colleague.

There was no one waiting inside, and when the suckered salesman ran back out, the faux Holmes and the car were gone.

"Real detectives do not wear deerstalkers," a police spokesman told the newspaper.

A nearby taxi company said the same man, aged about 50, had tried to "borrow" a cab two nights earlier for "official business."

Town Tops World in Strange Stunts

LA TRINIDAD, Philippines (AP) — A northern Philippine town is trying to bake itself into the Guinness Book of Records with what it claimed was the world's biggest strawberry buttercake.

La Trinidad, which calls itself the Philippines' strawberry capital, has been baking giant cakes for the last three years.

But Mayor Nestor Fongwan said the town has outdone itself this time with the giant dessert weighing 24,572 pounds.

At 10 pesos, equal to 18 cents, a slice in the town hall, the massive cake was expected to feed 55,000 townspeople.

About 6,614 pounds of strawberries were used in baking the cake, which measures 8.43 feet high and 8.69 feet wide, Fongwan said.

The Guinness Book of Records doesn't have an entry for strawberry buttercakes, but organizers said they would seek a new category for their massive creation.

Plant City, Fla., holds the Guinness Record for biggest strawberry shortcake.

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Right Into Waiting Arms

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. (AP) — Two men suspected of driving a stolen vehicle into a police car and then fleeing made another wrong move — right to a police parking lot.

Pennsauken Police Chief John Coffey heard a call Friday that officers were chasing two men who had broken into a car. He looked out his window and saw the men running, so he and officers went out to their station's back parking lot.

"I couldn't believe it," Coffey told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "They tried to come over the fence right where I was standing."

Instead of climbing over the 6-foot fence, the two men fled into a field where they hid in a drainage pipe until officers found them, police said.

Arrested were Juan E. Sanchez, 30, and Danny E. Lopez, 24. Both said they lived in Camden. They were charged with burglary and related offenses.

Investigators believe the men burglarized three different cars before being spotted near the police station. They tried to flee in a car that had been reported stolen earlier in the week in Philadelphia, police said.

They struck the officer's car and then ran. No one was hurt in the accident.

Coffey called the men "America's dumbest criminals."

"If I had been probably another minute late, they would have been running right through our parking lot," he said.

The Unkindest Cut of All 

LONDON (AP) — A hospital has had to cancel operations after a surgeon was suspended in a dispute over a bowl of soup in the staff cafeteria, officials said Tuesday.

Terence Hope, 57, a leading expert in vascular neurosurgery, was suspended March 18 after "allegations about his personal conduct," according to Queen's Medical Center (search) in the central England city of Nottingham. Surgery on three patients was canceled Monday.

The Daily Mail tabloid reported Monday that Hope had been accused of taking an extra serving of soup without paying. He reportedly said he had just been getting some more croutons.

"We would hope that the situation could be resolved quickly and that he could get back to work," said a spokeswoman for the British Medical Association (search), which is representing Hope.

The hospital has refused comment, saying disciplinary procedures are confidential.

A spokeswoman said Hope had been due to operate Monday on three patients, but none of the cases was urgent and their surgery was postponed. "We are confident that there will be no detriment to their physical health as a result," she said.

The government has refused to intervene, saying Hope is employed by the hospital, not the Department of Health.

"It is their responsibility to deal with this particular issue," Health Minister Lord Warner told the House of Lords on Monday.

The Daily Mail reported that Hope, who earns $144,000 a year, had been suspended on full pay.

Carjacker Finds Himself Outnumbered

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Four about-to-be carjacking victims turned the tables on their attacker Friday.

Kurt Doyle and Kyle Herber said they were with two other men when someone approached the car they were in around 1 a.m. They were sitting outside Charter Oaks Apartments near 89th Street and Underwood Avenue. The man approaching told them to get out of the car. He said he had a gun, but Doyle and Herber didn't believe him.

"And I grabbed the kid that tried to steal the car ... and held him down until the cops came," Doyle said.

"We knew it wasn't a gun right away, so we got out, and him and my other buddy, Scott, attacked him right away," Herber said.

Police arrived and arrested Bradley Barker, 20, for attempted robbery.

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