Saddam Hussein's Ties to Terror

Richard Clarke (search) is only the latest government source to go into the public square and shout there was no evidence between Iraq and 9/11 or Iraq and Al Qaeda (search).

When Dick Cheney (search) says there's a connection, he is shouted down by nameless intelligence sources. When Paul Wolfowitz (search) discusses the connections between Iraq and the '93 World Trade Center bombing, Clark says it's a totally discredited theory.

Ramzi Yousef (search) is in a U.S. prison cell for that bombing — he was an Iraqi. Another conspirator in that '93 bombing fled to Iraq before he could be arrested here, and lived under Saddam Hussein's protection until the U.S. invasion.

How about Iraq and Al Qaeda? A federal judge in New York City has found that Iraq had connections to Al Qaeda 9/11 terrorists, helped train and fund them and entered a judgment against Iraq based on that evidence.

Plus, the family for the former head of FBI counterterrorism has alleged dozens of documented connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Obviously, the people who want to tell the world about these connections are being shouted down by people in the intelligence community who think those connections are either overstated or simply phony...

But what is crystal clear is that there is no absolute verdict on this question, and Americans can and should decide for themselves.

I've looked at it, and I don't think the connections between Al Qaeda and Iraq can be so easily dismissed. When Howard Dean (search) or John Kerry (search) or Clarke says no connection, no evidence, none... they're just wrong. There's lots of evidence, and a huge debate about whether it can or should be believed.

That's My Word.

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