Dems Woo Florida's Cuban-Americans

Florida's Cuban-Americans have been stalwart Republicans, but Florida Democrats say President Bush's broken promise to get tough with Fidel Castro (search) gives John Kerry (search) a chance to gain their support.

"I think we'll see a shift in this election," said Scott Maddox, chairman of the Florida Democratic Party (search). "We'll see more Cuban votes than we've had in the past."

But Republicans cite a January poll showing that 88 percent of Cuban-American Republicans would back Bush in 2004, even though they say he hasn't been tough enough on Castro. Still, the GOP isn't taking anything for granted.

"Certainly were concerned. As far as I'm concerned, Florida is ground zero. We will work the hardest from now to Election Day turning out our vote," said Carole Jean Jordan, chairwoman of the Florida Republican Party (search).

The powerful Cuban American National Foundation (search) says Kerry has been no hero in the fight against Castro, but Cubans will support any candidate who is committed to their interests.

Democrats say they're planning a massive ad campaign targeting south Florida's Cuban American voters. Meanwhile, Republicans are going door-to-door to firm up support.

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