Vampire Faints at Sight of Own Blood

There's at least one vampire in Scotland who's afraid of blood, reports SkyNews.

Marianne Sellar, who played a vampire in the horror tour at the Edinburgh Dungeons (search), was about to bite into a victim planted in the crowd when a foreign student tapped her on the shoulder and told her she had a nosebleed.

Sellar promptly fainted. She later admitted she had a lifelong fear of blood.

"It is quite embarrassing," she told the Daily Mail. "I had managed to keep my phobia a secret for three years because normally we only deal with fake blood, which I can handle."

"When the visitor showed me all the real blood," she admitted, "I just collapsed."

Sellar, 24, now performs a different job at the popular tourist attraction. Another actress is being trained to take her vampire role.

Driver Uses Truck to Stop Out-of-Control Car

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Most people would try to avoid an out-of-control car — but not Mark Bartholomew.

He used his truck to block a car that was repeatedly bouncing off a highway median in the Allentown area on Monday. The woman driving the car said she passed out after having stomach pains.

Other drivers swerved to avoid the car, but Bartholomew noticed the driver appeared to be unconscious.

He pulled ahead and allowed the car's front bumper to hit his truck and gradually slowed it to a stop. The driver of the car called Bartholomew "a lifesaver."

Bartholomew said he didn't worry about the vehicle damage, saying, "What's a vehicle compared to a life?" Besides, he added, "it's a company truck."

California Dogs Get Old Pooches' Home

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) — There's now a playground for old dogs with a little less wiggle in their wag. Mature pooches uninterested in learning new tricks now have their own hangout, a gerontologic dog park, to socialize.

The San Clemente Dog Park (search) opened Wednesday, across the street from a frenetic canine playground for the young and restless.

The senior side opened six months after the main bark park. The city spent $275,000 on the entire complex and the San Clemente Dog Lovers (search) organization plans to sell advertising banners that will hang on the perimeter chain-link fence to finance the park's maintenance.

Fifteen-year-old Taz — that's 105 in dog years — is a mixed breed whose hip was broken in 10 places in a car accident about five years ago. She's been to the main dog park, but she stayed to the side, away from the other dogs.

"She can't see very well and she can't hear very well," Taz master Bill Thomas said. She probably won't be any more active in the senior park, but at least she won't have to worry about being knocked over by a rambunctious Rottweiler, Thomas said.

"Dogs are like kids. They like to roughhouse, but ask an 80-year-old if he likes to roughhouse. He may want to, but it's not the same anymore," said Gregg Lipanovich, who launched the San Clemente Dog Lovers campaign for senior canines.

Governor's St. Patrick's Day Gets Out of Hand

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Democrats criticized as "sexist" and "repugnant" Republican Gov. Craig Benson's St. Patrick's Day PowerPoint presentation at two breakfasts that poked fun at local politicians.

Benson's presentation borrowed scenes from "Jackass: The Movie," (search) which features crude stunts, foul language and nudity. He also used clips from the Comedy Central Network (search).

At the Wild Irish Breakfast in Nashua, Benson teased a fellow Republican, Nashua Mayor Bernard Streeter, then showed footage of Streeter "as a very young boy."

The clip showed a boy trying to proposition attractive women. In another clip, the boy says, "It's ladies night. [Female dogs] drink free."

Rep. Teri Norelli, D-Portsmouth, said she was offended by the clips.

"I didn't see any women laughing," she said at a news conference attended by about a dozen Democrats on Thursday.

A spokesman for the governor, Wendell Packard, said the complaints were politically motivated.

"The whole point of a roast is to make people laugh," he said.

Alabama Politicians Brawl Over Official State Whiskey

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama is in a fight over whether to name an official state whiskey, one that has its origins in Alabama's rich history of bootlegging.

The Legislature overwhelmingly passed a resolution declaring Conecuh Ridge Fine Alabama Whiskey (search) as the "official state spirit," but Gov. Bob Riley vetoed the resolution Thursday.

"I'm so disappointed," said Kenny May, founder of Conecuh Ridge.

The dispute is not over. The House of Representatives voted 54-7 Thursday to override the governor's veto. If the Senate does the same thing in the next few weeks, Conecuh Ridge will still become the "official state spirit."

May said he considers his whiskey "a source of pride for Alabama."

But the governor said Alabama "should not set a precedent of endorsing a commercially sold product."

Grade-School Teacher Reveals a Bit Too Much

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — Fourth-grade teacher Stacey Cherry is in trouble for a little too much show-and-tell.

Someone snapped a picture of the Seminole County, Fla., teacher flashing at a Super Bowl party. She's been placed on administrative leave with pay while school district officials investigate.

Cherry admitted she'd had too much to drink at that party.

She said friends encouraged her to lift her shirt, which she did.

The snapshot of the topless teach was e-mailed anonymously to district officials and members of the school board. Cherry said she's being treated unfairly and she's hired a lawyer.

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