On Chips and Charts

Dear Viewers,

Since I promised "behind the scenes" information, here is some more!

Each night when I walk onto the D.C. set, I see an easel with a chart on it (see the photo.) The TV camera, which you cannot see in the photo, is pointed at the chart. The chart is used to "chip" the camera. The person "chipping" the camera wants to make sure that the camera, with the lighting and the set, is operating as well as it can (making sure, for instance, that the camera reads the colors appropriately.)

For a more technical, or complete explanation, ask someone who REALLY knows (I struggled with high school physics and chemistry! Hence I went to law school!) Incidentally, this is done every night studio in my studio.

You might wonder why it is done before our show rather than "chipped" once in the morning and then having that particular setting suffice for the day. I do know the answer to that question. The “On the Record” set is the same set that Brit Hume uses for his 6 p.m. show -- but Brit faces the opposite direction (his back is to the newsroom.) The camera is "chipped" for his show but under very different lighting conditions -- including the extra lighting he gets from the newsroom through the glass behind him. Thus, when our show set gets set up at 7pm, the camera must be "re-chipped" for the different conditions.


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