Kerry Camp Kicked Off March With Few Funds

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry (searchspent nearly as much as he raised last month and had little campaign cash left as March began, according to a report he filed Saturday.

The Massachusetts senator raised $8.4 million and spent nearly $8.3 million in February, beginning this month with $2.4 million in the bank, according to his monthly campaign finance report to the Federal Election Commission (search).

Kerry raised $41.4 million from the start of his campaign last year through last month. That includes roughly $6 million in loans he financed by mortgaging his family's Boston home. Kerry had spent $39 million and had $7.7 million in campaign debts as of March 1.

President Bush, facing no Republican opponent, started March with $160 million raised and $49 million spent. He had $110 million on hand to spend as Kerry emerged from this month's "Super Tuesday" primaries as the Democratic nominee-to-be.

Fund raising has picked up for Kerry this month. His campaign says it has raised at least $14 million over the Internet so far in March.

Bush's record fund-raising pace has also continued. As of mid-March, he has raised roughly $170 million.