Opposite Viewpoints on War on Terror

John Kerry (search) gave a major speech Wednesday attacking President Bush's war on terror just as we're were seeing fresh pictures of another bombing in Baghdad.

A little later — as we were getting in pictures of flames and bodies — Vice President Dick Cheney (search) gave a spirited defense of America's war on terror.

The question arises: who looks like a monkey in his speech contrasted to the pictures of a terror bombing in Baghdad?

Is it Kerry, who says Bush isn't tough, he's just stubbornly following bad policies? Or is it Cheney, who says being tough on terror works.

Personally, I think it underscores Bush's point more dramatically. The war on terror is on, and it won't be over for a while. The terrorists are still trying to attack us.

Kerry's approach, I think, appears to less effective against terrorism to me.

It could go either way with the majority of voters. The one thing I do know — the U.S. isn't Spain. An attack here right before election day will not cause the voters to side with Al Qaeda (search) and run from terrorists like the voters did in Spain.

That's My Word.

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