Spain's Newly Elected PM Is Al Qaeda's Man

Al Qaeda's man in Madrid — the newly elected Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (search) — must now face an uncomfortable fact: he owes his election victory to the terrorists who killed 201 of his countrymen.

He owes it to people who wanted his agenda — getting Spain out of Iraq — to win.

That includes 90 percent of Spanish voters — if you can believe the polling — and Al Qaeda — if you can believe the claims of responsibility coming out in the Arabic media.

So what's a new prime minister to do? Fulfill his promise to bring the troops home? Probably. It's what his constituents want, and if it's also what Al Qaeda (search) wants. Well, overlap is just part of life.

Is Zapatero embarrassed to be Al Qaeda's guy? Evidently not.

What about Britain? Can Al Qaeda now bring Tony Blair (search) down with a few well-placed bombs?

Boy, oh boy... I don't think I'd like to be riding the tube in London anytime soon.

Here's my question for Zapatero and his anti-war majority in Europe. Do you honestly think that the world would be a better place had there not been a an Iraq war one year ago?

Saddam Hussein would be getting inspections, but the French would be well on their way to getting U.N. oil sanctions lifted and he would be consolidating his power — not facing trial and a firing squad.

So really... somebody tell me... Saddam and Uday and Qusay still in power — that would be a preferable situation today?

Just remember: that's what the anti-war crowd wants. That is the logical extension of their anti-war position, which is impossible to justify.

That's My Word.

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