The Foxlight: Diddy TV, Britney Perfume, 'The Sopranos'

Diddy TV, Britney perfume and will Tony Soprano get whacked in today's Foxlight.

Does anyone want to be Sean Combs' (search) apprentice? A new poll says a lot of people would like to see a show with Puff Daddy telling hip-hop impresarios and bling-bling wannabees, "Yo, ya' fired!" And what would the challenges be like? Who can get out of a dance club the fastest after shots are fired?

So cosmetics maker Elizabeth Arden is bringing pop princess Britney Spears (search) on board to develop her own fragrance? Analysts call the move risky, because Spears' image as the pop tart out of control is a far cry from staunch Elizabeth Arden fragrance brands like Red Door, White Shoulders and Elizabeth Taylor's Passion, targeted at mature women. Besides, who wants to smell like bubble gum?

Finally, is this the best "Sopranos" (search) season? Not so far. And for the record, 62 percent of the people polled recently said Tony will get whacked before the end of the year. Could that happen? Fuggedaboutit. They have one more season. There's no Bada Bing without the big man.