F&B Watch and Political Attacks

Two things: First -- by now you've come to know a special feature we do on Fridays, called "F&B Watch" (It's my shorthand for fair and balanced.)  This is where we select a report by a newspaper or TV network and let you be the judge whether it's balanced -- or biased. I'd like you to know that I will welcome any selections you send in. Just e-mail it to me by noon each Thursday at dayside@foxnews.com. I spend a lot of time combing through press reports myself, but I'm always happy to have help from my friends. If you see something that strikes you as biased, send it in!

Also -- the past few days we've focused on other things besides politics. But the shrillness of some political attacks over the past 72 hours, or so has reached the point that we have to take a hard look at it. Who's really attacking whom -- and who's hitting below the belt? (I hear a lot of whining from a certain someone about unfair attacks... but hey, if it's your record in government, that's legit. Stop yer bellyachin'.)

See you tomorrow.