Topics and Guests for March 15

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Monday, March 15:

Does the Spanish government blame Al Qaeda for the Madrid terror attacks?
Inocencio Arias, Spanish ambassador to the U.N. 

Did Spanish voters prove to Al Qaeda that terrorism works?
Paul Isbell, political observer

Do Americans care what the world thinks of John Kerry?
Paul Greenberg, syndicated columnist

Two N.Y. ministers are facing criminal charges for performing same-sex weddings
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Some schools boards are targeting four-year-olds, looking to toughen up those pre-k toddlers to get them ready for the big time
• Dr. Ari Brown, author of Baby 411

The New York Times was thrown into a deep crisis when it was discovered that one of their reporters fabricated stories
Jayson Blair, author of "Burning Down My Master's House"

You'd think the weirdoes and party animals in the music business are the guys on stage...
Walter Yetnikoff, author of "Howling at the Moon"

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