Topics and Guests for March 12

As Spaniards mourned, investigators continued to search for the culprits of Thursday’s horrific bombings in Madrid. Who bankrolled these bombings and can it be tracked? We’ll ask retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FNC military analyst, and Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of “Funding Evil.”

For decades he struggled with excruciating pain. Now entertainment legend Jerry Lewis (search) tells Neil how he wants to help others tame the pain.

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Natalie Pace, CEO of I-Sophia; Marilyn Holt Smith, managing director at Holt Smith and Yates, and Stuart Varney, Fox Business News contributor.

We’ll examine what Martha Stewart's daily routine could be like in prison. And, does Rhona Silver, owner of Huntington Townhouse, have what it takes to be the next queen of clean?

Critics claimed that “The Passion of the Christ” would sink Mel Gibson’s movie career. But, with an estimated take of $350 million, is Gibson set to become his own movie empire? We’ll ask George Schlatter, president of George Schlatter Productions.

Plus, what's proved better than playing the casinos? Playing the casino stocks! We’ll examine one of the best of them, Glenn Schaeffer, president and CFO of Mandalay Resort Group.

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