The Foxlight: Liza, 'The Passion,' PETA, Tom Cruise

Liza vs. PETA, "The Passion" rakes in dough, Tom Cruise's publicist departs and the best chase-scene films of all time in today's Foxlight.

The fur is flying over at PETA because Liza Minnelli (searchstarted wearing fur again. Liza was wearing the fake stuff for years. Now she claims her ex-husband David Gest made her do it. Let me get this straight. She can take him in a bar fight, but suddenly slipped into chinchilla when he demanded it? Sorry Liza, PETA's not buying that furball of hooey and neither is the Foxlight.

When you hear "The Passion of The Christ" (search) has made more money than any other religious movie, don't take it for gospel -- yet. Turns out when you calculate in 2004 dollars -- adjusted for inflation -- 1956's "The Ten Commandments" made almost $550 million dollars. Give Mel at least a couple more weeks.

Whether or not Tom Cruise's (searchpublicist of 14 years really did part company with the mega-smile because of his Scientology programming doesn't really matter. What does is whether she'll write a tell-all book. Won't happen, but it would be a best seller.

Finally, the new Men's Journal magazine was asleep at the wheel when they named Robert De Niro's 1998 movie "Ronin" as the best chase-scene (searchfilm of all time. "Bullit" from 1968 was the granddaddy. And while I'm complaining, how come Fox News wasn't even on the list? We run a great one almost every week.