Bush Asks Supporters for Advertising Cash

President Bush has raised a record $160 million-plus, but it's still not enough to counter his opponents' television advertising.

In an e-mail Monday, Bush told prospective donors that every dollar they give will help him finance ads in 18 battleground states as he wages his campaign against Democratic nominee-to-be John Kerry (search).

"The ads are strong. They remind people of this administration's accomplishments, and will lay out our positive agenda and contrast it with John Kerry's wrong votes and out-of-the-mainstream philosophy," Bush wrote.

Bush told potential contributors that he needs more money to air commercials countering the ads pro-Democratic interest groups are running against him.

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee (search) is seeking donations in a mailing in which Democratic consultant James Carville (search) told donors "a dire emergency is unfolding."

"If we are going to win this election, it is now up to you," Carville wrote in the letter, which hit mailboxes last week. "You can sit on your hands and watch the Bush campaign spend $200 million to fund a vicious, relentless and untruthful attack on our presidential nominee. Or you can stand up and fight."

Bush and Carville each predicted victory, while also forecasting a close election.

"Come November, we'll be re-elected," Bush wrote.

"I know in my heart that we are going to win this election this year," Carville wrote.