The Foxlight: Halle Berry, Roy Horn, 'The Apprentice'

Halle Berry in a cat suit, Roy Horn doing better and the ladies of "The Apprentice" in today's Foxlight.

Meeee-ouch -- sounds like a cat fight. Halle Berry (search) promising to out-sexy Michelle Pfeiffer in this summer's "Catwoman" movie. Berry says her feline fatale will be a little hipper and a little more urban. She also says her costume will out-sizzle the one Pfeiffer wore in 1992's "Batman Returns."

Illusionist Roy Horn (search) is working hard to recover from a near fatal tiger attack last year. He's working nine hours a day with the same trainer who helped "Superman" star Christopher Reeve. He tells a German magazine he was almost dead and buried, but now he's doing better.

Trump "apprentice" Omarosa (search) was called a lot of nasty things on show before she was fired, but now she claims a fellow contestant used the "n" word. She says the racial slur was edited out. But NBC denies it ever happened. Omarosa refused to name the contestant she claims made the slur.

And speaking of "The Apprentice" (search), Playboy reportedly offered some of the  women a jackpot as big as the show's top prize ... $250,000 for a nude layout. The women turned down the money. But they did show some skin in another magazine, posing for free for FHM.