I'm So Angry...

 ... I can hardly speak at that couple in Florida who tied up the one-year-old girl so they could go out dancing.

How long is it going to take the local prosecutor to slap those two idiots with a felony? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out they should at least be charged with child endangerment.

And the DCFS in Florida is saying that the mom can't have contact with her three kids unless they approve? How's NEVER sound?

If it's true what her eldest child says -- that she has stood by before while the boyfriend has tied up the one-year-old (more than once); stood by as he beat the four-year-old, leaving belt marks are on his back; stood by while he beat the eight-year-old as well; AND let that monster beat HER up as well... Then for Pete's sake, take the children away for good. She's not going to suddenly grow a brain and turn into a caring mom who makes up for the severe damage she's done to her kids.

She doesn't deserve another chance. She's had three strikes.

Sorry if you think I'm heartless or judgmental -- I'm not. I'm the mother of a one-year-old and step-mom of three boys. I have no mercy for people who hurt children. I have seen too many times the lasting damage it does when kids are left in the custody of idiot parents who can't stop thinking about themselves long enough to focus on the fact that they have precious gifts from God who should be protected.

Don't even ask what I think should happen to that boyfriend who allegedly did all those unspeakable things to the kids in this case. It's not printable.

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