Neighbors Stage Stinky Intervention

John Kasokong may have been a nice guy, but there was one thing his neighbors couldn't stand about him: He reeked.

Kasokong apparently hadn't bathed for at least 10 years, reports the BBC, and his body odor was overpowering.

Finally, the townspeople of Kapenguria, in northwestern Kenya (search), took matters into their own hands.

While on his way back into town from his farm, Kasokong was ambushed by four burly men, who tied him down with ropes. Then they gave him a thorough bath.

Half the town turned out to watch the cleansing, including the local chief.

Dude, Look Around Before You Light Up

Washington State Trooper Jason Gainer couldn't believe his eyes Thursday afternoon, reports the Vancouver (Wash.) Columbian.

Stopped at a red light in his squad car, Gainer noticed that the guy in the car next to him didn't have his seat belt on.

He rolled down his window, but before he could tell the man to put the belt on, the other driver allegedly pulled out a glass pipe and took a huge puff of marijuana, even tilting his head back for maximum capacity.

"He was just sucking his lungs full," said Patrol Trooper Garvin March. "This is broad daylight at lunch hour at one of the busiest intersections in the county, and the trooper was in a fully marked patrol car."

The driver suddenly noticed who'd pulled up next to him and blew out the smoke, but it was too late. Gainer issued Robert C. Shull, 34, of Vancouver tickets for marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession and failing to wear a seat belt.

"He smoked himself out of a warning," March told the newspaper.

Electronic Monitoring Bracelet Tracks Dumb Robber

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Police didn't have much trouble tracking a man who they say robbed two gas stations — he was wearing a court-ordered electronic monitoring device.

Lafayette police found Joshua W. Kochell, 27, at a hospital emergency room where he was being treated for an injury not associated with the robberies. Detective Tom Davidson said he did not know the nature of the injury.

Davidson said Kochell was under house arrest when he used a gun to rob two gas stations Wednesday. Police tracked him through the monitoring device he was ordered to wear on a 2001 sentence for theft and habitual offense.

Kochell was being held Thursday in Tippecanoe County Jail on $60,000 bond on preliminary charges of armed robbery and burglary.

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Oh, That's Just My In-Flight Meal

LONDON (AP) — British customs officials arrested a woman who arrived on a flight from West Africa carrying 186 pounds of fish and meat in her luggage, the Customs and Excise department said Sunday.

Nenneh Nyana Jaiteh, 48, was stopped at Gatwick airport south of London on Friday after arriving on a flight from Gambia (search), the department said in a statement.

She was arrested and charged with breaching legislation restricting imports of meat and other animal products from countries outside the European Union.

"She shouldn't have been bringing any of it in," said Customs and Excise spokeswoman Kathryn Corcoran, adding that the size of the haul was "significant."

Jaiteh, who is Gambian and was traveling alone, was carrying about 175 pounds of fish and about 13 pounds of meat, including snails, in her luggage, Corcoran said. The produce was packaged and the meat came mostly from goats, she added.

Jaiteh was released on bail and ordered to attend a court appearance in Haywards Heath, Sussex County, on April 16.

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Fire Safety Fails to Hit Home

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) — Firefighters responding to emergencies here were in such a rush that they forgot to turn off a fryer in their kitchen. So the next emergency call involved a fire that started at their own station.

No one was injured in the blaze Thursday, because all four firefighters working at the time were out responding to several calls.

Cocoa Beach (search) firefighter was driving past and saw smoke escaping from the firehouse and called 911.

The firefighters from Station 72 then returned to fight the fire at their own station.

The building suffered a combination of smoke and fire damage, and the battalion chief has asked the city for a live-in trailer for the firefighters. He said the fire was accidental and no one would be reprimanded.

"We're human and this kind of relays that to the public, that we're just as human as them and we make our own mistakes," said Battalion Chief Robert Apel.

Note Travels 340 Miles in 20 Years

CONNOQUENESSING, Pa. — A note sent aloft on a green balloon 20 years ago by an elementary school student was returned to him this week by someone who lives halfway across the state.

Shane Fleeger, now 30, received the laminated note he had sent out as a fourth-grader at Connoquenessing Elementary School in Butler. The note, which arrived Tuesday to the school office, had asked the receiver to please send it back.

"Look at how neat my handwriting was then," Fleeger said. "It's not that neat now."

Somehow, the note made its way about 170 miles southeast to Robert Brindle's farm in St. Thomas, Franklin County, about an hour south of Harrisburg.

Brindle, 49, said he thinks he found the note about 15 years ago, but doesn't remember exactly when he found it, only how.

"I was out in the field hunting, so I found it and brought it in and I guess I laid it in the garage. And this winter I went to cleaning the garage and I found this note again, so I figured we'll send this thing and see if it makes it to the guy," said Brindle, who said he had no idea where Connoquenessing is.

"I planned on sending it sooner, and you know how that goes — you forget about it," Brindle said. "So I found it again and I sent it."

Fleeger said he planned to write to thank Brindle.

— Thanks to Out There reader Greg M.

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