Topics and Guests: March 5

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Martha Stewart (search), the homemaking and publishing icon is now a convicted felon. She was convicted today of obstructing justice and lying to the government about a suspicious stock sale. The devastating verdict probably means that Stewart will be facing prison time.

Her ex-stockbroker Peter Bacanovic (search), 41, was also convicted on all but one count against him, making a false statement.

We'll have complete coverage of today's decision by the jury in her federal criminal case and an EXCLUSIVE interview with Peter Bacanovic’s mother, Helen Bacanovic.

Plus, we'll have analysis of Stewart's situation and the possible punishment she faces when she is sentenced on June 17.

Then, as her accused kidnapper faces the judge, will he bring police any closer to finding Dru Sjodin (search)? We'll have the answers for you on tonight’s edition of "On the Record"

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