A group of Vietnamese immigrants' unfamiliarity with Hollywood stars didn't stop them from outwitting a pair of dumb phony cops.

A man and a woman showed up at a Fort Worth, Texas, auto dealership Thursday, dressed all in black and claiming to be FBI agents, reports KXAS-TV of Dallas.

They apparently cornered the owner in his office and told him they'd throw him in jail unless he gave them $9,000 and a new car.

When asked for ID, they whipped out official-looking badges — badges that identified them as FBI agents Erik Estrada (search) and Julia Stiles (search). Neither the owner nor his employees, also Vietnamese immigrants, recognized those names as belonging to famous actors.

After four hours of being trapped in his office by the fake Mulder and Scully, the owner managed to pass a note in Vietnamese to an employee to call police.

Cops quickly showed up and arrested Abhishek Sharma, 25, and Charlotte Kelkar, 17, for aggravated robbery and impersonating a public servant.

Police explained the phony names to the dealership's staffers.

"We were all laughing after they got arrested," said one employee.

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Gay Marriage Simple Compared to This

What do you do when the man you're divorcing is no longer a man?

A Texas judge on Tuesday ordered Linda Gail Carter to undergo genetic testing so that her true gender could be established, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Carter, who says she's a woman, used to be a man called James H. Murphy, but changed her name and gender legally in May 1998 after a sex-change operation.

That didn't stop her from being wed to Constance D. Gonzales four months later in Las Vegas. Last August, Carter filed for divorce from Gonzalez in an attempt to regain control of the business they both claim to own.

Carter "is 6-foot-4, weighs 275 pounds and purportedly has male genitals," wrote Family Court Judge Lisa Millard, who ordered the test anyway because only genes can determine sex under Texas law.

"In short, once a man, always a man," Millard added.

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Maybe He Needed to Super-Size It

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) — The takeout window is for food, not flashing. Police have charged a 28-year-old man with exposing himself while picking up food at a McDonald's (search) takeout window.

James Rondini was arrested Wednesday after the second time he allegedly drove through the fast food pickup lane with his pants unzipped, exposing himself to a 19-year-old woman who was working at the window.

Police said the fast-food flashing occurred two mornings in a row this week. In both cases, police said Rondini had placed an order and exposed himself when he drove up to the window to pay for the food and pick it up.

Rondini was charged with public indecency and breach of peace. He was released on bond and is due back in court on March 17.

I'm Cuddly and Cute — Just Don't Mind the Teeth

TARENTUM, Pa. (AP) — A 3-foot long crocodile was left on a woman's porch with a note saying "please feed me."

The crocodile was discovered Thursday night in a container on the woman's porch and was large enough to seriously hurt a child, said Derron Patterson, an animal control officer for Triangle Pet Animal Control Services (search) of McKees Rocks, Pa.

Patterson's group plans to call zoos and rescue groups to try and find a home for the crocodile.

It's the second time in less than a year that his group has had to pick up a large reptile. A 4-foot alligator was found last year in Wilkinsburg, Pa.

Patterson said many people will buy reptiles when they're really small, not realizing they will grow to be very large and dangerous.

Just Use Your Imagination

BERLIN (AP) — A court Friday rejected an unemployed man's demand for four government-paid brothel visits a month to ensure his "health and bodily well-being" while his wife is abroad.

The 35-year-old welfare recipient sought about $3,050 a month to fund the brothel trips, along with eight pornographic videos and transport costs to and from a video store. He sued the state after authorities refused to pay for his Thai wife to fly back to Germany.

A court in the town of Ansbach threw out the claim, saying social security benefits already cover "everyday requirements." It said the man, who was not identified, would appeal — at taxpayer expense.

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Once Again, Do As I Say, Not As I Do

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A lawmaker was charged with drunken driving, hours after attending a bill-signing ceremony to highlight the state's newest effort to crack down on DWI offenders.

Republican Joe Thompson (search), 37, the House minority whip, apologized after his arrest early Wednesday.

"While I am terribly embarrassed by this situation, I am thankful that no one else was involved," he said. "I will follow the advice of my family and physician to obtain whatever treatment is necessary."

Police said they pulled over Thompson after his vehicle rolled too far into an intersection at a red light. Sgt. Todd Armendariz said there was a "strong smell of alcohol" around Thompson.

Police said he registered a 0.12 and 0.11 on breath-alcohol tests, above the legal limit of 0.08.

He told the officer he had a little alcohol at dinner but "did not think the alcohol he drank counted due to it being consumed several hours prior to the stop," the police report said.

During their recent legislative session, lawmakers passed several bills cracking down on repeat drunken drivers. But none would affect Thompson if he is convicted.

Thompson, first elected to the House in 1998, said he will drop his recently announced campaign for a seat on the state Public Regulation Commission.

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