The Makeup Chair

Dear Viewers,

Last night Senator Lieberman (search) came to our DC Bureau to give us the first national interview since leaving the campaign trail and returning to Washington and the Senate. He made a speech on the Senate Floor upon his return about the need to address problems in Iraq without partisanship.

As with all guests we subjected him to makeup and the makeup room (yes, we put makeup on the men because the cameras demand it! No man escapes this! The makeup is never the man's idea but our insistence). To be a "good sport," Senator Lieberman let me take his picture (picture No. 1) for the "behind the scenes" of the blog.

For some reason, and I am not sure why, Secretary of HHS Tommy Thompson (search) "escaped" the picture in the makeup chair. Yes, he wore a cape, and yes, he got makeup. He was in our bureau last night and we got this picture of him.

Secretary Thompson was in Iraq this week and thus in the bureau to talk about it on "Hannity & Colmes." I know Secretary Thompson a bit better than others in the government since he was the governor of my home state -- Wisconsin -- for many years. We always joke about being "cheeseheads" and, yes, proud of it. Incidentally here is a fact you might not know: He rides a Harley.

I casually asked him if he will do another four years in the Cabinet if President Bush is re-elected and he surprised me with a "no."


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