Cartoon Controversy

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Cartoon Controversy

Some readers of The Boston Globe (search) are still upset about the depiction of nuns in a cartoon that ran in the paper the other day.

The cartoon by Pat Oliphant shows a nun with a ruler in the process of beating a schoolboy identified as little Mel Gibson. The text says that after getting beaten bloody by the nun Gibson got an idea presumably for his movie, "The Passion of The Christ."

Globe said later in a statement: "We never intended to insult Catholics, or nuns, or even Mel Gibson by running what we saw as a comic take on a cultural subject prominently in the news."

Timing Is Everything

The New Mexico House Minority Whip Joe Thompson may want to start practicing what he preaches.

Thompson took part in a bill-signing ceremony this week to highlight the state's newest effort to crack down on DWI (search) offenders. Well, a few hours later, Thompson himself was charged with drunk driving. But since Thompson, if convicted, would be a first offender, he would not be subject to the new law that cracks down on repeat offenders.