Lesson Learned?

Martha Stewart (search) in stripes: Do we now feel our life savings are better protected? That, after all, is the point of running her through this trial, finding her guilty and sending her off to prison.

The point cannot be that Americans need to know they shouldn't lie to the FBI. It strikes me that most Americans think it is their God given right to lie to people who are trying to put them in jail. Who says I've got to help the FBI put me in jail?

But evidently what Martha did was think she could fool the FBI – a very bad decision.

She tried to bamboozle the feds and – surprise! -- it turns out that's a crime.

So Martha is not going to jail because she flimflammed the stock. No, she's going to be sitting in the can for running her mouth and for thinking she could bluff.

Let this be a lesson to you: Say nothing. Not even your name.

That's My Word.

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